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For the health and safety specialist firm.

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Draeger Safety UK

Draeger are a worldwide company specialising in the design, manufacture and retail of industry specific health & safety and medical equipment.

The Gas Detection division of Draeger designs and manufactures thousands of products to meet the hazardous requirements of clients.

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The brief

We suggested to Draeger that we could create an interactive online sales tool which would simplify the process of choosing gas products and effectively replace the need to search a series of hard copy catalogues.

Deciding upon and selecting the appropriate product is a complex task and it was important that we created a tool which is both easy to use by the customer, and could be updated by Draeger staff as new products are launched.

The solution needed to be a PC-based system to aid deployment whilst reducing the environmental impact of publishing.

Following a complete review of the products, their benefits and uses, we mapped out and agreed a complete user experience.

Search results

Search results

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We developed an application top run both on and offline across a range of devices which allows customers to search Draeger’s extensive product range for the product(s) most suitable for their needs.

By filtering the products by 3 options; the customers operating industry, number of gases to detect and price, the final results present the customer with a product suggestion.

The product suggestions are then presented with supporting technical data, imagery, order information and product features/benefits.

This solution is deployed either by USB or online with ongoing updates notified and downloadable via the web.

The gas detection product selector has an additional by-product as it also acts as an informative sales tool for the internal staff.

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How it works

  1. Users will download the app to their device (PC/laptop)
  2. They search the product database by completing 3 filter options
  3. They are presented with suitable product(s) which match their requirements
  4. They are encouraged to either view the product presentation, contact Draeger to purchase or download the product brochure and datasheets for more information
How the Product Selector works

How the Product Selector works

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It provides a quick and straight-forward way to search for products.

It has reinforced the significant opportunities that are on offer to Draeger by adopting digital media and reduced the time and cost involved in producing printed catalogues.

The app has received great feedback so far and has led to:

  • Increased awareness of Draeger products, their benefits and applications
  • Cross selling ability as the database prompts suggestions
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Ability to receive update information quickly and at no cost
  • Environmental benefits as data is presented online and not in paper form
  • A seamless solution which presents various gas detection options to customer problems
  • Provides as ‘ready-made’ interactive exhibition display
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