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North East based Dyvels Home specialise in the retail of unique pieces of pine furniture that are original, re-modelled from original or built from old components, all of which have an appearance and patina that can’t be successfully reproduced using modern materials.


Urban River designed Dyvels Home’s original site back in 2008 which offered a smooth and pleasant user experience but little information about the individual products on sale.

Dyvels previous homepage

Dyvels previous homepage

To reflect changes in the way customers view websites, Dyvels decided a new mobile friendly website was required.

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Dyvels New Responsive Website

Dyvels New Responsive Website

Urban River built the new site using Responsive design.  This means that whether the web visitor is using their main computer, a tablet or their smartphone, the website has adapted its content to fit the screen size and resolution.

For example, on the main site the homepage featured large image of the Dyvels store. This image would take ages to load, take up the majority of the screen and require scrolling both across and down to be seen on a smartphone; a problem that many mobile internet users have encountered.

To solve this problem, responsive design allows the images and text to move and be prioritised. The large image of the store disappears and is replaced by the furniture categories per room. Also, instead of the smartphone user having to scroll both across and down, each of the 12 categories form a single column meaning the user only has to scroll down to find information.


The new website presents product information in a more attractive way and ensures the ‘quality and value’ brand ethos of Dyvels Home is clearly communicated online.

To optimise your website for tablets and mobiles get in touch, or find out more about Responsive Design.

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