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Website update and social media integration for the bio-energy advisors

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Social media integration

We redesigned the existing website so content could be altered simply and via a mobile device. This also enabled us to integrate social media links and Twitter together with the online case studies.

Following this, a reworked user experience and navigation methodology was added to improve interactivity and lead generation.

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Solution 2

FiveBarGate case studies

FiveBarGate case studies

A better user experience

To create a better user experience and improve the visibility of the site a simple navigation system was implemented.

The structured layout ensured website visitors found content easily and information was pleasant to read.

By building a more engaging user experience, the site aimed to attract more visitors and generate a larger return on investment through retaining current and acquiring prospective clients.

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Ian Waller, Owner of FiveBarGate Consultants said: “We are very happy with the look of our remodelled site – the additional social networking functionality is helpful.

Our traffic has lifted since updating the site and we have generated new business through both the new site construction and by providing clear case study material.”

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