One Green Route Advertising Campaign

Creative campaign to raise awareness and encourage the use of biofuels

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One Green Route comprises the single largest network of fuel filling stations retailing bio diesel in the UK.


Advertising agency Urban River were approached by North East Biofuels who comprise a combination of fuel retailers, farmers and biofuels manufacturers to develop an advertising campaign which raised the awareness of the benefits of using biofuels whilst promoting One Green Route.

Interactive map to find your nearest station

Interactive map to find your nearest station

Majoring upon the environmental benefits, Urban River set about developing a number of creative concepts which would be eye catching and demand attention.

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Urban River produced a range of striking printed materials including maps, posters, exhibition banners and other outdoor media. On the basis that a large number of the materials would be used by the road side or at filling stations, we ensured that key messages were clear, bold and stood out to ensure they were seen by passing motorists.

Folding leaflet

Folding leaflet

Through the use of interesting illustrations we were able to present a message which had immediate impact without the requirement to read lots of text.

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Promotional posters

The production of a network map also incorporated a number of tourist hotspots to encourage and maximise its usage.

These were distributed throughout tourist information and car hire venues.


Urban River managed the entire process sourcing production from 4 separate sources and the materials proved to be a great success with all members registering significant increases in sales.

The advertising campaign has attracted National attention and a number of larger retailers have now become part of One Green Route.

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