Ground Six Brand Identity

An identity for the web and app start-up firm

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Ground Six is a fast moving technology company consisting of a skilled team of entrepreneurial programmers and developers; a team that both conceive and build apps and web based products and services.

The long term aim of Ground Six is to achieve global success with its range of products. These products will be designed, built and marketed as individual trading branches of the Ground Six brand.

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Ground Six wanted a brand identity that was contemporary, urban, trendy and mysterious that would stand out from the crowd.

Ground Six Mats

A contemporary, urban, trendy and mysterious brand that stands out from the crowd.

Having a brand identity that is instantly recognisable and memorable is very important to the start-up; the design was required to create intrigue and make people want to find out more about Ground Six.

Ground Six Business Card

“Here’s my card…”

The company wanted a logo with a flat quality to it so it could be adapted well onto T-shirts etc. Therefore, it had to be very simple yet cutting edge and effective.

The overall logo combined with the strong colours presents a striking image, giving a lot of scope for a strong overall brand going forward.



Ground Six Twitter

Ground Six Twitter

The deliverables

The brand identity we created for Ground Six has subsequently been used across their website, social media pages and promotional materials.

To encourage brand interaction we’ve also designed some app idea sheets and beer mats!



Let's get creative!

Let’s get creative!

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