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A website redesign for one of the largest providers of asbestos services

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Nichol Associates Limited is one of the largest providers of asbestos management, health and safety training, surveying, removal and consultancy in the United Kingdom.


The company has been trading since 2006 and even though Nichol Associates have their own in-house laboratory facilities and provide an excellent asbestos surveying and removals service, the company is better known for their training expertise.

Over the years, Nichol Associates realised that their website mainly promoted their health and safety training services as opposed to their surveying and removal skills.

With this in mind, Newcastle Digital Agency Urban River set about promoting the surveying and removal services offered by Nichol Associates by redesigning their website; updating its ‘look and feel’ and offering additional search engine optimisation (SEO) functionality to ensure potential customers can find the company easily.

This involved us writing the website content and improving the coding to make the website more Google-friendly; improving the website build process allows Google to understand their services easier and drive more traffic to their site.

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The old site

Nichol Associates previous website

Nichol Associates previous website

Nichol Associates’ previous website had not been updated in a number of years; the design did not match the expertise and skill with which the company operates, and it was not working hard to attract potential clients.

As their website predominantly focused on their range of training courses, most of the leads Nichol Associates generated through their website were for this service.

The site itself was not built with search engine optimisation in mind and so attracting surveying and removals customers through copy alone would not generate the best results.

Urban River designed and built a new website which was visually engaging and encouraged web visitors to visit the Nichol Associates site for surveying and removals services too.

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Nichol Associates’ new website has brought the company’s online presence into the 21st Century and enables them to match the overall design and usability standards set by their competitors.

Added Search Engine Optimisation functionality

As well as improving the SEO on the homepage, we have ensured that the services pages are traceable by search engines. This means people searching the web for Nichol’s services will land on the right page and find what they are looking for more easily; enabling them to contact Nichol Associates and employ their skills and expertise.



Design-wise we wanted the look and feel of the site to represent the efficient and modern company that Nichol Associates are, and showcase their assets – i.e. the fit-for-purpose, on-site laboratory testing facilities. Through bespoke photography and imagery we ensured the website was visually appealing without bombarding the web visitor with too much information.

The website gives people a reason to request more information from Nichol Associates regarding specific services which we think is better than designing a text-heavy site.

We also integrated Twitter into Nichol Associates’ website which allows recent tweets to be displayed on the site.

All websites Urban River creates are built responsively.

This is included in our costs as we understand the online browsing habits of potential customers are changing and we want all our clients to benefit from this.

The website adapts to the variety of Smartphones, netbooks, laptops, desktops and tablets available in the marketplace, ensuring potential customers have a pleasant experience however they decide to view the website.


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