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A b2b logo with a consumer twist

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The Original Cola Co are suppliers of post-mix syrups in the North East and throughout the UK.


Experts in branding Newcastle based Urban River were approached to rebrand The Original Cola Company into a commercially attractive and professional brand.

They wanted a design that would portray a quality brand, and present the company as prestigious beverage specialists.


As part of our branding process we developed a series of identities which incorporated the following brand objectives:

• Modern yet traditional

• Good quality

• Premium brand

• Single colour

As part of the brand design process we created a series of sample logos

As part of the brand design process we created a series of sample logos

The final logo design has enabled The Original Cola Company to reposition themselves as a key competitor in their marketplace and further attract the target audience.


The branding identity has received positive reviews from Original Cola Co team and they have been told by current customers that the logo stands out which is what they aimed to achieve.

Are you considering a new brand image to reposition your business? We would love to help you so please call us on 0191 423 5688 or email info@urbanriver.com. You may also want to look at our branding tips and our famous rebrands blog post.

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