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Overcoming Theatre is a theatre company with a difference.

They enable people from all walks of life to experience theatre and develop the skills to act at a professional level through workshops and performances.

After winning an entrepreneurial competition set by Newcastle College, Daniel Middlewood and Conor Lowson, both 20, are launching the “Big Theatre Campaign” which promotes theatre to young people around the UK.


As a new start up company Overcoming Theatre were faced with the task of deciding how they wanted to be portrayed to their prospective audience and what messages they wanted to send out.

The branding is aimed at both pupils and teachers, so quite a split audience in terms of what would appeal to them.

As a specialist in branding Newcastle agency Urban River were approached to develop a brand that is modern, clear, friendly, fun, professional, creative, have theatrical elements and most importantly appeal to both teaching professionals and youngsters at school.

The new brand would then be rolled out onto a new website, keeping the same style throughout to reinforce the brand.


Check out the Big Theatre Campaign video

Check out the Big Theatre Campaign video

North East Creative Design Agency Urban River designed a great logo which embodies Overcoming Theatre’s values and a delightfully designed website to match.

The branding and website presents the company in the best possible light and is appealing to both pupils and teachers.

The website needed to work equally well across a range of devices and so it was designed to have fluidity to work well on a smartphone/tablet.

Also, as website trends are moving towards a more user-friendly and efficient ‘scroll’ than a ‘clickthrough’ navigation, a one-page creatively designed website which presents all information in a simple and concise way was implemented. This ensures the message of the company is clear and the video content becomes the main focus of the site.


Daniel Middlewood, co-founder, said “We are overly impressed with the creativity of the logo and how it sums up our company values. It is recognisable and works for our large customer demographic.

The work that Urban River has put in both on the logo and website has been second-to-none. Thanks!”

To raise their profile across Great Britain Overcoming Theatre are planning to perform 100 flash mobs/ performances in 50 days – read their story here.

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