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An approachable and reassuring brand

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When a person or organisation (supplier) creates work for a customer, the supplier is the first legal owner of the copyright, not the customer! Own My IP makes sure the customer is the legal owner of the work.

The service is designed for companies that purchase B2B services whereby the Intellectual property remains with the supplier unless an agreement is put in place to make sure the customer owns it.

IP disputes are very expensive and businesses increasingly want to stop this problem at the source.

This is exactly what Own My IP does using their simple service on your computer or smart phone.


Own My IP wanted a logo that has an approachable, yet secure look. It really needed to encapsulate the values of the company and the services on offer.


Specialists in branding Newcastle based Urban River worked closely with and presented a variety of options to Own My IP.

The preferred logo chosen from our designs is bold, confident whilst portraying a sense of security and protection. The logo has been rolled-out across all communications both online and offline; including social media and the website.

We also designed a series of bespoke illustrations for the website to ensure Own My IP’s brand was clearly communicated as soon as potential customers land on the homepage.

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