The power of Direct Mail!

Successful mail campaign for Dialight

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The power of Direct Mail…

Think the age of client-generating direct mail is over?

Think again!

We’ve been working for Dialight for a number of years now and our latest project was a direct mailer to potential customers.


Christine Gupta, Global Marketing Director at Dialight said:

“The recent ATEX mailer produced an enquiry from a distillery who’s asked us to quote for a lighting project and pointed us to a 60-warehouse new build project.

Not bad for a piece of ‘junk mail’ and the recipient said it’s the first mail-shot he’s EVER responded to. Nice work guys! We’ll be doing more of those.”


It just goes to show that sometimes the traditional methods are the best!


Check out our favourite creative direct mail campaigns or Dialight’s mailer.

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