TTR Barnes Accountants printed literature

A brochure and newsletters for the financial firm.

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TTR Barnes  Accountants printed literature

TTR Barnes is one of largest independent firms of accountants in the region offering specialist accountancy services and a level of expert financial advice sometimes not found elsewhere.

We have worked with the firm for the since 2009 and in that time have designed a corporate brochure and a series of bi-annual newsletters used to market to both existing and new clients.

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The design

Named as ‘The Total Resource for Business’, the A5 mini brochure we created provides an overview of TTR Barnes’ 4 main areas of expertise; Accounts & Audit, Taxation Services, Financial Services and Complimentary Services.

A brochure to raise awareness

A brochure to raise awareness

We created a modern and informative brochure providing key content in a clear and interesting format.

The main aim of the brochure is to raise awareness of TTR Barnes services and emphasizes their philosophy of “being close to clients”.

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Supporting literature

TTR Barnes are proud to help their customers navigate the world of business and personal finances through their newsletter, and encourage readers to get in touch if they have any questions about the featured articles.

Emphasising the company philosophy

Emphasising the company philosophy

As well as financial advice and TTR Barnes’ opinion regarding financial sector options (i.e. the comparison of savings options for children and pensioners), they also offer general advice and include company updates.

Although following a similar layout, each newsletter has new articles every 6 months.

An electronic version is also available online within the TTR Barnes website.

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What TTR Barnes said:

Sarah Bittlestone, Office Manager at TTR Barnes said “Urban River has published our biannual newsletter for 3 years now, and also produced our company brochure, taking our content and turning it into the professional publication our clients receive.

They have always met the deadlines set, and been able to incorporate our ideas into the designs. Working with Urban River has definitely improved the quality of our finished product”.

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