Tyne and Wear Development Company

A website to attract inward investment to the North East from around the world

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Tyne and Wear Development Company

Tyne and Wear Development Company offers free and independent advice and business support on all aspects of business expansion and relocation in Tyne and Wear.

Getting the right advice and knowing who to turn to is critical to long-term success. With their experience, expertise and contacts, Tyne and Wear Development Company is able to guide businesses through the process, providing one consistent point of contact for all business needs.

Therefore, they needed an informative and engaging website which encouraged businesses of all sizes and industries to relocate to the North East so we set about designing and building a site which enhanced and improved their online presence.

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The website

Website menu options

The challenge for us was to create a clear and engaging site which attracts visitors whilst providing relevant information in a quick and easy way.

The site needed a design refresh; it did not provide the experience which today’s internet user expects and the content management system provided little functionality, meaning Tyne and Wear Development Company’s web team found updating the site difficult and time-consuming.

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Downloadable PDF’s

Downloadable PDFs


As well as web pages, Tyne and Wear Development Company wanted to make PDFs readily available to download via their site. This further boosts their image as a trusted resource within the business community.

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What Tyne and Wear Development Company said:

Sarah Gibson, Marketing Officer of Tyne and Wear Development Company, said “Urban River has been really helpful in meeting our needs and developing new adverts and a new website that makes it even easier for businesses to access our services and to find all the information they need.”

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