A website revamp

for the Tyne & Wear Development Company.

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A New Look for Tyne and Wear

The website of one of the North East’s primary sources of advice and investments has been enhanced by a recent partnership with Newcastle web design agency Urban River.

The Tyne and Wear Development Company underwent a website revamp to further improve their dedicated service which attracts and supports inward investment to the North East from around the world, securing 100’s of jobs and bringing millions to the regional economy throughout its 25 years in practice.

By collaborating with the design team at Urban River, a clear and engaging site was created which attracts visitors whilst providing relevant information in a quick and easy way. John Barker, Urban Rivers Head of Digital, said “The site needed a design refresh; it did not provide the experience which today’s internet user expects and the content management system provided little functionality, meaning Tyne and Wear Development Co.’s web team found updating the site difficult and time-consuming”.

“Bearing all of the above in mind, and taking into account Tyne and Wear Development Co.’s brand guidelines, Urban River set about designing and building a website which enhanced and improved Tyne and Wear’s online presence”.

Following this, a new series of adverts has been launched to further raise the business profile of Tyne and Wear Development Company with the goal of attracting new clients and to help them feel a part of the Tyneside region.

Sarah Gibson, Marketing Officer of Tyne and Wear Development Company, said “Urban River has been really helpful in meeting our needs and developing a new website that makes it even easier for businesses to access our services and to find all the information they need”.



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