10 Things About The Number 10

Published: May 2013

To celebrate North East Design Agency Urban River’s first decade in business, we take a whistle stop tour of the number 10, the count begins here…

1. Ten is the base of the decimal numeral system. The reason for the choice of ten is assumed to be that humans have ten fingers (digits).

2. To reduce something by one-tenth is to decimate. In ancient Rome, the killing of one in ten soldiers in a cohort was the punishment for cowardice or mutiny.

3. The Roman numeral for ten is X, made up of two V’s, the numeral for 5

4. 10 is the atomic number of Neon, incidentally a client of ours

Neon Legal logo

5. 26 albums have been released with the title ten

6. In basketball, the top of the hoop is 10 feet from the ground.

7. In ten-pin bowling, 10 pins are bowled at and there are 10 frames per game

8. In China the number 10 means perfection and lots of weddings were held on October 10, 2010  – 10/10/10

9. As the PM’s abode, 10 Downing Street or “Number 10” is perhaps one of the most famous addresses in the world. It is almost three hundred years old and has almost 100 rooms!

10. 10 – the number of years Urban River has been helping its clients to get noticed and generate business

Urban River celebrating 10 years

Here’s to the next 10!

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