6 Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

Published: April 2017

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

The daffodils are shooting up, the nights are getting lighter and the birds are singing in the morning, therefore it can only mean one thing, Easter is on the way. With the season of bonnet making and egg decorating just around the corner, Urban River take a look at some brilliantly creative Easter marketing campaigns. So sit back and enjoy some cracking Easter ideas we think are pretty eggcellent.

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

1. Kolner Zoo (Germany)

Print Advertising

First of all let’s take a look at The Kolner Zoo in Germany. The zoo wished audiences a ‘Happy Easter’ by creating a glorious egg based printed advertising campaign.

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

2. Hovis

Print Advertising

They’re bread rolls. They’re rabbit ears. Nothing more needs to be said. This clever piece of print advertising subtly teases the arrival of Easter whilst allowing it’s brand and product to do the talking.

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

3. McDonalds

Print Advertising / Branding

A company that needs no introduction or attention grabbing headlines, McDonalds relies solely on it’s brand recognition. Also it’s famous Big Mac burger to create a series of creative Easter Marketing campaigns.


Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

4. Cadburys Creme Egg

Social Media

Possibly the most famous of Easter based delicacies, the creme egg as we know it dates back to 1971. The Creme egg has always had a strong advertising presence, such as the well-known ‘how do you eat yours’ campaign from the mid 80’s. These days they’ve applied the same funny and creative concepts to the world of social media.

Easter Creative Marketing Campaigns

5. Asda – Giant Chocolate Hen

Television Advertising

What says Easter more than a ginormous chocolate hen sitting on the roof of a supermarket and laying football sized eggs? Nothing according to Asda, as that is exactly how they advertised the arrival of the Easter period with this utterly amazing television advert.

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

6. Carlsberg

PR and Outdoor

Finally, we take a look at an interactive piece of outdoor PR marketing from Carlsberg with this brilliant outdoor pop-up bar. So it is made using nearly half a tonne of chocolate and serving a half-pint of Carlsberg in a chocolate glass. Completed as part of the “If Carlsberg did…” campaign the pop-up bar opened in London for the Easter Weekend cleverly combining the British publics love of all things beer and chocolate.

Eggcellent engaging campaigns

As a result, there is a cracking selection of creative Easter Marketing Campaigns that inspire and engage with the consumer audience. Therefore, creating brand awareness and ultimately get people talking.

In conclusion, creative seasonal campaigns work well to engage with your audience when especially relevant. Since these campaigns tend to be clever and funny, it’s a great talking point. Which is guaranteed to put a smile on the consumers face at the right time. We’ve created a lot of campaign work to help our clients create brand awareness and better engagement. We can help you too.

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