6 Excellent QR code campaigns… and one fail!

Published: September 2012

QR codes, especially in the UK, have got a lot of stick over the last few years but this is mostly due to marketers not putting them in the right places, not targeting the right audience and not leading those who do scan to mobile-optimised content.

So give QR codes a break, here are a few good examples of them in practice – and one example of how NOT to do it!

Let’s start with the best shall we…

1. Tesco

June 2011 saw the first big story which focused on the capabilities of QR codes.

Korean supermarket chain Tesco Home Plus used ‘scannable walls’ to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Tesco’s virtual QR store

Tesco’s virtual QR store

The virtual store located in the subway encouraged customers to scan the pictured item, add it to their online basket and pay using their phones, then the items were automatically delivered to the scanners homes when they finished work.

2. Guinness

Step 1. Purchase your pint of Guinness

Step 2. Watch the QR code appear on the glass

Step 3. Scan your glass to receive money-off coupons, exclusive content, check in via Foursquare and update your Facebook status

Guinness QR incentives

Guinness QR incentives

This campaign gave Guinness drinkers many rewards and the QR code on the glass is a great touch!

3. Brushtec

A business card is just a business card until it’s got a QR code! We had so much fun designing Brushtec’s business card.

Brush Tec’s QR code business card

Brush Tec’s QR code business card

Instead of having to input all contact details manually this cleverly-placed code means that a quick scan later and Brushtec’s contact information is added to your phonebook!

4. Bromley FC

In-game advertising has leapt off the shirts of players – and onto their heads!

Betfair obviously took the launch of their mobile website very seriously and decided to promote it during Bromley’s FA Cup game!

Bromley FC’s QR code haircut

Bromley FC’s QR code haircut

You’ll have to agree, Daniel Johnson has done an excellent job creating QR codes using a shaver and players heads as the canvas.

5. Volkswagen

Let’s hope VW’s hatchback encountered a lot of red lights on its trip through Germany’s big cities otherwise no one would be able to scan it!

Volkswagen’s QR code link to exclusive content

Volkswagen’s QR code link to exclusive content

Those lucky enough to scan the car before it drove off were directed to their mobile website for exclusive content and more information about the car itself.

6. First Bank

How many times have you rushed to the airport to make sure you don’t miss your flight then had hours to kill in the departure lounge before take off?

First Bank’s free e-books and puzzles via QR code

First Bank’s free e-books and puzzles via QR code

First Bank have been very nice and gave visitors to Denver International Airport free e-books, crosswords and Sudoku puzzles for all who scanned the QR code or downloaded the books via their website.

And one that’s not so good…

Not only is this code too small to scan from 10,000ft below, the wind makes the code practically un-scannable!

The unscannable code…

The unscannable code…

After much persistence, one lucky person succeeded in scanning the code which was placed by Aquafresh; apparently they were attempting to direct tech-savvy customers to their Facebook page.

Hardly a ground-breaking example of mobile marketing but at least the QR code campaign received some publicity – though for all the wrong reasons!

If you’re thinking of launching a QR code campaign make sure you contact us as we would love to help!

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