6 Fun Bus Advertisements

Published: May 2012

Bus advertising need not be dull and boring, it can be an effective way to communicate your message to the public in a fun and creative way!

Check out our favourite 6 bus advertisements which promote everything from zoos to deodorant…

1. Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

Want to encourage people to visit your zoo?

This clever bus wrap-around obviously worked for Copenhagen Zoo! Hopefully it didn’t scare the tourists too much…

2. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

Perhaps not the most sympathetic bus advert out there, Weight Watchers certainly have caught our attention through this humourous, ‘lop-sided bus’ approach to promote their weight-loss plan.

3. Axe

Axe Deodorant

Axe Deodorant

This is Dubai’s answer to “the Lynx effect”.

Deodorant retailer Axe have taken a bus and turned it into a house party attended by lots of women and one Axe customer!

4. Nicotinell



This advert for Nicotinell has used the rear of the bus in a very unusual way.

Highlighting how smokers may appear and comparing smoking tobacco to bus exhaust fumes is certainly one way to target your audience.

5. Duracell



These batteries are so powerful and long-lasting they can power a bus!

This concept may be a little optimistic but is still a fun way to showcase the strength of the product nonetheless.

6. Keep Holland Clean

Keep Holland Clean

Keep Holland Clean

Public transport may not be the most glamourous way to travel but it certainly does benefit the environment.

This bus rear has been used to promote the use of buses as opposed to cars as a way of keeping Holland clean!

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