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Published: July 2017

Top tips of using social media

Social media can be a fantastic tool to get your business out there for everyone to see. When used right, it can bring more visitors to your website than ever before. However, for others, social media can suck time away without producing any return. Here are our top tips to make sure your social media presence is lively and engaging, and most importantly, results in new customers!

Provide links

This might sound like an obvious one…but can your followers access your website through your social media profile? It’s surprising how many businesses tweet about their great product. However, don’t provide a link to buy it! Try to put a link to your website in every post you send out, no matter what platform you are using.


Use of images always results in higher engagement. It grabs attention and gets people interested. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will usually pull the main image from a link into your post (which gives you another reason to use links!). So often you won’t need to put in any extra effort. If you don’t have any professional shots – don’t worry! Sometimes a smartphone picture is as good as any. Try and make sure you snap a picture at the next event, meeting or workshop you attend – it gives your social media profile a human edge.

Keep an eye on analytics

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have analytical tools so you can see how many people viewed or engaged with your posts. Keep an eye on your best performing posts, and the ones with the most clicks to your website, and try to replicate that success. If your most successful posts have something in common – try to use that something in everything you put online.


Whilst you should absolutely post about how great your products are, it can get a bit boring for your audience after a while. Try to mix it up with some interesting content – blog posts, opinion pieces, client successes, or maybe just a picture of everyone working hard in the office. This variety keeps your audience interested in what you have to say, and helps build a friendly, approachable brand. And if you make sure to include that all-important link, you should increase traffic too.

You can share content more than once

A tweet only has a shelf life of 15 minutes. A Facebook post? 30 minutes. Chances are most of your audience have missed your posts, so you won’t be irritating anyone by repeating them. Leave around a day’s gap, and choose a different time of day, and chances are you will reach the audience you missed the first time around.

Need some extra help?

There are so many different ways to bring traffic to your website. Social media, SEO, a catchy marketing campaign – we can do them all. Urban River are a Web Design agency in Newcastle and are here to help with any of your website needs. Let’s have a chat.

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