Double take advertising: Painted Hands

Published: August 2011

Urban River feels that double-takes in advertising are under-used nowadays but the stunning pictures from Italian artist-turned-advert genius, Guido Daniele, have been making us do just that (and in some cases, a triple-take).

Guido Daniele – WWF campaign

Suitable for advertising everything from a mobile and cars to watches and yoghurt, Giodo’s designs have been featured across the globe since 1986.

Although he’s also created a combination of advertising and art using painted bodies as well, the arm and hand pictures have created shapes that are really inventive and make the audience look twice and talk about his designs.

In recent years, the number of ‘shock’ adverts (especially in TV and print) has increased because it is used to attract attention, create speculation and drive the all-important viral and word-of-mouth sharing which organisations crave simply because they are controversial.

Guido Daniele – WWF campaign

But it’s good to see companies such as WWF and Gilli using positive ‘shock advertising’ to attract attention; getting people talking because the ad is fun and interesting to share, rather than it being discussed for all the wrong reasons.

However, as inspired as Urban River are we can’t see us attempting this look anytime soon. The risk of high-fiving someone halfway through painstakingly applying hand paint may be too much for us to handle and finding a volunteer to let us decorate their digits may be easier said than done.

Guido Daniele – WWF campaign

We think its best that we stick to getting faces painted next time the funfair is in town and leave this amazing talent to the professionals.

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