How to use your website to drive sales

Published: June 2017

Boost your website sales

Why do you have a website? There could be lots of reasons, but your main reason is to get new customers and retain your current ones! We want that for you too, and to help your business grow, we’ve put together our top tips in driving sales online.

Discount codes

Discount codes are a great incentive for people to buy from you, and you can use them in a variety of ways. Some websites like to offer them to first time visitors, or visitors who are on the website for the fourth or fifth time, but still haven’t made their first purchase. Concerned that discounts could result in you losing money? Game developer Valve found that a 25% discount resulted in a 159% increase in revenue – so don’t be afraid to give it a try! We’ll be mentioning discount codes throughout this blog, they have multiple uses! Who doesn’t like free shipping, or 10% off?

Website sales

Create a sense of urgency

You don’t want your customers to browse now and come back later – you want them to buy…now! Time sensitive discounts and deals with a visible clock ticking down the seconds until the sale is over is just one example. Some retailers let you know when a product is popular or close to selling out. It’s all about giving customers that extra reason to hit buy. More browsing time for them means they might take the time to check out your competitors. Give them a strong reason to choose you now.

Follow up on cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a huge issue for all online retailers. 74% of shopping carts are abandoned – it’s important to know why, and then fix that issue. Why not send a quick email to that almost-customer with a reminder about their order. How about a discount code to encourage them to go back? Just because a customer forgot about their shopping, it doesn’t mean you have to! With the technology available today you can make sure you keep in touch with them. Remind them that their cart is ready and waiting for them to pick back up.

Answer questions

After many years of marketing-heavy copy reigning in popularity levels – it’s all changed. Customers want clear, straightforward copy that answers any questions they may have, and explains what you do in a way that is easy to understand. Once you’ve done this, take a look at it and see how often you talk about you, and how often you talk about the customer. The customer should be the focus – take out the ‘I’s and ‘Me’s, and replace with a lot of ‘You’s!

Website sales

Add video content

Did you know that 44% of customers buy more on websites with videos? Online retailer ASOS has a product video for almost every item of clothing – a short catwalk video. Other retailers, such as Toys R Us, Zappos and more are following suit. Product videos in particular can really improve your sales – studies have found that visitors who view a product video are 85% more likely to buy it.

Not only that, but video is great for SEO too! It’s time to give video a try.


Wishlists are a fantastic way to make your website a place to store potential purchases – maybe your customer is waiting for pay day, or maybe they’ve spotted a product that would make a great Christmas present, but Christmas is some time away. Wishlists take your website from somewhere to browse products, to a place to store ideas and plans. If they really do start to forget about you – a quick email reminder of the amazing products waiting for them in their wishlist may be the jolt they need to make the purchase you want.

Quick checkout process

Have you tried out your checkout process lately? It’s about time you did. Checkout is where you’re most likely to lose customers. Long and complicated checkouts account for 27% of drop outs, and lack of payment methods sits at 8%. A poor checkout process is more than enough for a customer to give in and walk away. Remember, time is precious online -We’re nowhere near as patient online as we are in store. So you need to create a frictionless checkout experience that is quick, easy to understand and has plenty of payment methods.

Customer reviews

If you’ve been left a glowing review from a customers – get it online! The best advert for your business is word of mouth and personal recommendations, so give your customers an opportunity to see one. It’s good for business too – you could see an 18% uplift in sales!

Website sales

Need extra help to boost your sales?

That’s just a few ideas to get you started. Maybe you’ve got some ideas of your own – tweet us @urbanriver with your online sales tips! If you need help from a Newcastle web design agency in implementing some of these sales generating tips, give us a call or get in touch

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