Boldon School

Services provided: Web Design

Boldon School is a secondary school in North East England with a vision to innovate, focus and achieve.

Boldon School states that academic excellence is their main priority with a remit for all of their students to have the best education they can provide.

Boldon school were looking to create a new website and required help from a digital marketing agency. Following a series of recommendations, Boldon School appointed Web Design Agency, Urban River, to create and build an online presence for the school.


Firstly we carried out a series of planning meetings to discuss Boldon Schools requirements and their different user groups. From our many years of building school websites we understood there would be a large amount of content needed on the site. Therefore it was essential that we worked out how this information would be segmented and displayed clearly. We created separate sections for both parents and students which delivered key information. This ranged from a school calendar to keep students up to date with the latest events, to a Facebook feed which is continually updated. We ensured the Boldon School website had a clear user experience with a modern look and feel.

‘Excellent customer service from start to finish. Carefully planned meetings throughout the website development process which helped to ensure the final product met all requirements’.

Neil Burrell, Boldon School.



Responsive web design for Boldon School
Boldon School
Boldon School

‘Excellent communication and staff members always on hand to solve any problems and issues as they come up. Excellent final website and we would highly recommend.’

Neil Burrell
Boldon School