Pybus Recruitment

Services provided: Branding, Featured, Print Design, Web Design

Pybus Recruitment is one of the UK’s leading Automotive Recruitment providers.

Being one of the best connected automotive recruiters in the industry, Pybus Recruitment delivers an outstanding service. With their business and reputation continually growing, Pybus Recruitment required a rebrand and website to match their growth and objectives.

Working together with Pybus Recruitment our objective was to present a well-connected, trusted and professional leader within the marketplace. We created key messages and a site structure that was effective for both candidates and clients.

Pybus Recruitment is passionate about ensuring the right person is connected with the right job, resulting in a successful match into new employment. So we created the website to showcase the services Pybus Recruitment provides, whilst displaying available automotive jobs in a highly intuitive search facility through an integrated API functionality. The aim was to create a website that will attract new candidates and encourage them to upload their CV and apply for jobs in the motor trade sector. As well as a successful rebrand and restructure of the new website, the site is easy for the team to use when updating/amending available jobs in a fast paced automotive recruitment agency.

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The Urban River team have been superb throughout the process and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks to Urban River for the support, advice and patience – Pybus Recruitment

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