Stockton Riverside College

Services provided: Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Print Design

To undertake a full rebrand and reposition the college as a leading centre of higher education for students in Stockton and the surrounding area.

Stockton Riverside College approached marketing agency Newcastle Urban River to undertake a full re-brand of the college.  This included developing a new identity, roll out the re-brand and provide full marketing campaigns support to a range of learners from school leavers through to work based professional students.

Following extensive market research across a number of user groups we collected a large amount of data relating to the existing identity, what was good about the college, what Stockton stood for and how the college was externally perceived.

We set about developing a new identity which encapsulated the wider area and through the use of lifestyle student imagery, created a range of modern and informative deliverables including branding and supported by ongoing marketing campaigns.

Urban River managed the entire process through media placement, outdoor, online and print design creative, with ongoing student numbers increasing year on year.


Stockton Riverside College
Stockton Riverside College campaign
Stockton Riverside College campaign

“It has always been a pleasure working with the team at Urban River. Working from any brief, they can always deliver thoughtful and incisive design that both articulated our values and placed us in forefront for our sector.”

Christine Morgan – Marketing Manager