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Before Visuna was created as a brand, the company was known as Oil Consultants. Oil Consultants was a global recruitment company that specialised in the mobility of oil and gas personnel worldwide. Oil Consultants could foresee the energy market transitioning into renewables and made the decision to evolve into the clean energy market too. They required a full rebrand of the company, to reposition their business aligning to their vision of moving into the renewable energy and tech recruitment market. 

The brand and website had a dated look and feel and represented the oil and gas sector only. 

Discovery sessions were carried out with the team at Oil Consultants to understand their strategy and objectives. Extensive competitor research and marketplace research of the transition into the global transition of renewable energy was undertaken. Our findings were compiled into reports providing a basis for the way forward on the branding strategy.


Visit Website

Visuna Logo and Brand

We created a new unique brand name, brand story, teaser campaign, website and marketing materials to launch the repositioned business of Oil Consultants.

We created the new company name of Visuna, the word Visuna comes from the meaning of ‘strength’, ‘force’ and ‘power’ combined with ‘together as one’. The brand symbol represents connectivity, people and movement along with the strapline of ‘Together in energy & tech’. The combination of all elements took the new Oil Consultants brand into a new era.

With the extensive brand guidelines created, we rolled out the brand across numerous marketing materials, whilst creating a teaser campaign across social media, slowly revealing new new identity.

Social Media Graphics for Visuna designed by Urban River Creative

The website was a key aspect to the new brand with a user centric approach to the two target markets – the candidates and the clients.

The new site architecture has a seamless journey and ensured the services information delivered clearly and easily accessible at key points of the online journey. The website has an integrated job database functionality for candidates to login/apply/register to the portal. The Visuna website is an engaging, fast, secure, mobile friendly, optimised website that engages and attracts new talent and candidates.


A successful rebrand of Oil Consultants to Visuna, on a journey into the renewable energy & tech sector

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