World Cup Food Design

Published: June 2014

Love it or hate it, the World Cup 2014 is almost upon us and with all things global comes an eruption of themed designs – like our World Cup infographic. One category which caught our eye is food design.

The World Cup has a number of food related sponsors who are clearly targeting the event with some eye-catching packaging and some vaguely related flavours. But it doesn’t stop there. Everywhere we look at the moment, food manufacturers are tempting us with a huge range of World Cup related products.

Here are a few which stood out from the crowd.

Mars bar

Mars have opted for the traditional cross of St George for their Mars Bar packaging.

Perhaps not the most inventive of designs, but it certainly supports England’s finest.

M&MsThere seems to be some discussion over the special World Cup edition of M&M’s, largely due to the fact that they still taste of peanut. Perhaps the fact that they are still peanut M&M’s is a bit of a clue, although they have been cunningly disguised in the strip colours of the Brazilian football team.

Birds Eye fish fingers

You may already have seen the TV ad campaign for Birds Eye fish-fingers.
No specially branded packaging, no World Cup themed taste, but it seems that watching an abundance of football on TV may possible fire up your urge for a fish-finger sandwich.
We’re not so sure !

Goodfellas Pizza

So if standard fish-fingers are not your gourmet choice, how about pizza?
This is the somewhat less than Brazilian ‘Nacho Fella’ from Goodfella’s.
It’s supposed to unite our love of nachos and pizza into a World Cup friendly feast.
It must relate to the World Cup because if you google ‘World Cup’ and ‘pizza’ this is what you get.
Hold on, was the World Cup not in Mexico in the 70s and 80s ?

Infusions salmon fillets

At last I hear you cry, some food which actually has a Brazilian flavour.
Well we think it has !
These salmon fillet infusions from Harbour Salmon Co are Brazilian moqueca flavour. Whilst we have to admit, we don’t really know what that is, it does feature the word Brazilian.
Even the packaging on this salmon dish has adopted the Brazil strip colour scheme, so it’s got to be a World Cup winner.

Brazilian BBQ steak Pot Noodle

Kicking up a whole load of controversy, Pot Noodle have released their Brazilian BBQ Steak flavour special edition.
Nothing wrong with the themed flavour (how does a Brazilian BBQ differ from any other BBQ) and a great job with the Brazilian colours.
However it’s the TV advert that has attracted a huge amount of potentially unwanted attention. There are some who feels it’s ever so slightly sexist. We wouldn’t like to comment.


No great surprise that the alcoholic drinks industry have moved into action in support of the World Cup, although not in a magnitude we would have expected.
Budweiser is an official FIFA World Cup sponsor and we were attracted to the design of their trophy themed bottles.


Our star prize for World Cup themed food has to go to McDonalds (another official FIFA World Cup sponsor).
They have a whole range of themed flavours, national burgers and even an England apple pie.
We just love the football textured bun!
One slight problem, we don’t think any of these are available in the UK. Do you know otherwise?

And finally…..
This may not strictly be food, but they are purveyors of fine food and ales.
Selling some of the finest beer on South Tyneside, The Robin Hood pub in Jarrow.
Can you feel your English pride brewing?

Enjoy the World Cup and let us know if you discover any other themed foods which have extravagant brandings.


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