Pass’N’Go Website Case Study




Pass‘N’Go driving school are one of the leading independent driving schools in the UK. From its base in County Durham, its nationwide network of instructors provide 1 to 1 driving tuition, semi intensive and intensive driving courses as well as automatic transition lessons.


As a company that traditionally engaged with their customers over the phone to arrange bookings and manages their instructor’s calendars, Pass‘N’Go approached Web Design Newcastle Agency, Urban River, with an ambitious view to overhaul how the company traditionally interacted with their customers and move their whole business online.

Research and Planning

Given its substantial customer base and sizable network of instructors, a measured and strategic plan was key from the outset. Not only at a logistical level to deal with the migration of existing customer data, but also to ensure a seamless integration of the new online system into their daily business operations.

Starting with initial research into the current customer path and their personas, a website that provided a clear user experience for learners and instructors alike was required. Given the mobile nature of the business too, the new website needed to have extensive responsive functionality. Urban River set about creating a clear user experience that was simple to use for instructors and pupils across a wide range of mobile devices.

Website build and functionality

With a clear understanding of the customer journey in place, various levels of custom functionality had to be built into the website to replicate the existing off line experience. In order to cement the brand and continue positioning Pass‘N’Go as one of the leading and forward thinking driving schools in the country, web design Newcastle company Urban River developed a suite of bespoke online features.

A snapshot of the instructor's calendar on the new Pass'N'Go system

A snapshot of the instructor’s calendar on the new Pass’N’Go system

With a detailed understanding of Pass‘N’Go’s business processes and objectives, one of the key developments for the site was to include the ability for instructors and pupils to book, cancel and amend driving lessons through an intuitive online calendar. Urban River created a secure and sophisticated two-way handshake system for all users to ensure neither party could confirm a booking without the other party’s approval.

One of the main business issues identified by Urban River was the time lost by instructors travelling between lessons, particularly if two pupils were geographically far apart. Urban River created a real time travel distance calculator, which measure the distance between drop off and pickup points and integrated into the booking calendar. This gave the ability to utilise their free time more efficiently, allowing them to offer additional lesson time to customers closer to previous lessons and increase the number of pupils they could potentially support throughout their day.

Using their traditional offline methods, regular and ongoing communication between pupils and instructors was limited primary to lesson times. Urban River developed an integrated messaging system to allow pupils to receive the best customer experience possible and allow them to ask questions at any time directly to their instructor. Instructors also had the ability to rate a pupil’s progress after each driving lesson, giving them constructive feedback and information on key areas to work on. These updates could then be shared via the pupils social media platforms, a key feature for Pass‘N Go’s target audience and a great way to leverage further brand exposure.

It was important to Pass‘N’Go that the experience of learning didn’t just stop and start with each lesson. Urban River created a library of online resources, not just to provide a knowledge hub for learners, but to encourage further interaction between the customer and the brand.

A snapshot of the customer dashboard on Pass'N'Go's new system

A snapshot of the customer dashboard on Pass’N’Go’s new system

In addition to general videos and multimedia content, individual pupils have the ability to unlock additional tutorial videos based on their previous driving lessons in their own private login area. As new techniques are being taught by the instructor at various stages of pupils driving competency, additional videos and further learning materials automatically become available to help the pupil perfect the particular driving technique.

Pass‘N’Go regularly suffered with a breakdown in communication between pupils and instructors to notify requested changes in lesson times, or even cancellations. This often led to time and money lost for instructors. By developing an email and text messaging system that integrated with the website, but worked off line, Urban River allowed pupils and instructors to post messages and always be up to date with current events, even when they were not logged in to the online calendar system.

Ecommerce Store and Online Payment Integration

With the key functionality in place to maximise customer engagement and provide the best user experience possible for instructors and pupils, an online shop and bespoke online payment integration was developed. These features were created to add an additional dimension the website to monetise a new revenue stream for Pass‘N’Go, but also to reduce central admin time and provide cost savings from processing customer payments over the phone.

Urban River created a WooCommerce shop as part of the WordPress website for Pass‘N’Go to sell additional driving materials to help pupils with their test such as study guides. Included in the shop is the ability for instructors to also purchase branded materials, such as car signage for their vehicles and uniforms.

As part of online payment system pupils can now not only book and buy lessons hours directly via the website that integrate with the online calendar, but arrange their practical and theory tests. These can either be arranged by the pupils themselves, or if requested flagged for the Pass’N’Go central admin team to liaise with the DVLA directly.

Site Launch and Outcome

After lengthy user testing undertaken by both Urban River and Pass’N’Go to ensure the seamless integration of their existing customer database, the website went live in September 2015. The Pass’N’Go site currently receives over 50,000 visits a month from nearly 17,000 users, a key metric for Pass’N’Go to indicate the uptake of the new online platform and interaction for its existing customers. With a site wide bounce rate of 21% and over 350,000 page views, all key custom functionality built into the site by the Urban River web design team is being used effectively as part of the desired user experience.

Urban River were able to exceed Pass’N’Go’s expectations, future proofing their business for years to come and help kick-start their amazing post website launch growth.

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