Choice and Medication

Services provided: Web Design

Available on subscrition to NHS Trusts, Choice and Medication offers people information about medications used in the mental health setting to help people make informed decisions about medication.


Choice and Medication approached web design Newcastle company Urban River, to design and build a Mental Health Application which would provide information on over 21 mental health conditions and over 150 medications used to treat them.  The application needed to be a subscription based system where users can subscribe on a quarterly basis for access to the system and handle payments from across the world.


Newcastle Web Design Agency Urban River created a unique and innovative mobile friendly website for Choice and Medication which embraces current trends, new technology and enables users to register and easily access essential information about 21 mental health conditions, over 150 medications used to treat them and treatment (self-help and help from others). It answers most of the questions you could ever want to know about conditions and medications in an easy to understand language.

The site incorporates a number of bespoke features including:

  • Bespoke payment system accommodation multiple currencies
  • Membership subscription based on 3-monthly renewals
  • Intuitive cross linking between conditions and medications

It has an easy to use content management system which enables Choice and Medication staff to update and amend the site without affecting the design and build. As a mobile based application, it has also provided for greater connectivity across outlying areas such as the Australian Outback.


Choice and Medication website on a smartphone
Choice and Medication on mobile

A fantastic app with essential information on over 21 mental health conditions and over 150 medications used to treat them.