10 Creative Direct Mail Examples

Published: July 2014

10 Creative Direct Mail Campaigns

Traditional direct mail often gets ruled as the ‘golden oldie’ of marketing, especially in this digital age where news is real-time, markets are crowded and content sharing is aspired to.

Introducing yourself to ideal customers through a direct mail marketing campaign will help you get new business quickly and easily!

Here are 10 examples of when new tricks are performed by the old dog itself…direct mail.

1. Perry Process

The concept behind the Perry Process campaign was to encourage manufacturing companies to sell their surplus or unwanted process equipment to the company in exchange for cash!

The ‘don’t ignore it’ campaign included fake money inserts as an attention grabber and the “Don’t throw away your money” flyer doubled-up as a freepost card.

2. Land Rover

Land Rover used a balloon in a box to invite 100 customers to the opening of their Liverpool showroom. On the end of the balloon string was the marketing message and event invite, making the follow-up sales call a welcomed experience.

3. World Water Day

To mark World Water Day, this mailer was sent out to companies and the press. The letter inside could only be read when held under water – proving that water really is the source of all knowledge.

4. The Theatre Academy

The Theatre Academy in Bratislava used paper bags to invite members of the public to their performance of Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Now where have we seen this logo before…

5. Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions

In their direct marketing campaign Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions created a working record player out of cardboard. This campaign was so successful that the agencies it was sent to called the company to ask for extras to bring home to their kids.

6. Hell Pizza

As part of their direct mail campaign, Hell Pizza came up with the concept of Mis-Fortune Cookies. They are currently being sold through all 66 Hell Pizza stores these have darker messages than the traditional Chinese variety.

7. Planet Kids

Playschool chain, Planet Kids, created an invite to announce their Annual Day celebrations which was given to parents through their students. The ‘hand puppet’ idea was born from an A4 sized paper and engaged with students enough for them to pass their excitement onto their parents.

8. Earth Hour

The Earth Hour’s Candle Box was designed as a direct mail campaign to raise awareness about the amount of energy wasted by lights that are left on overnight. The idea is to have the direct mail simulate lights switching off as the candle is pulled out the box and what makes it so great is the fact that no one will forget this clever direct mail campaign.

9. LavOnline: Tomato Splat

For a laundry service that has an emphasis on removing heavy stains and quality service, this direct mail campaign gave the receiver a chance to throw a tomato at the target and then watch as the target reforms whilst simulating stain removal for the laundry service. I wont be forgetting this direct mail campaign quickly.

10. The Call of Sea

A creative direct mail campaign that the receivers can use to listen to the sea. A very clever idea and a perfect example of how direct mail can be interactive and mix technology with nature to produce something unforgettable.

In conclusion, creative direct mail can engage with your audience and create a strong call to action for your customers to get in touch and create new business for you. We’ve designed and delivered many direct mail campaigns which helps our clients create brand awareness and better engagement. We can help you too.

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