5 blogs you can write today for your website

Published: June 2019

Your website’s blog is out of date and you haven’t added to it for quite some time. You may have put together a ‘Happy New Year’ post back in January to ease you into your first day back, but haven’t had any inspiration since.

You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Here are five blogs you could write for your website (with little effort) today!


Your brand story

How did your business begin its life and why?

This is a great one to write because it’s close to your heart – once you start writing, you might find it difficult to stop! To keep you from rambling, give it some structure. Start with the flash of inspiration that led you to set up your business, lead into some of the highs and lows along the way then end with your plans for the future. Decide on a word count for each section of your blog, and stick to it.


A case study

Who has been your favourite client so far? Is there a particular project that stands out in your mind?
Hold onto what made that work special to you and start writing! Show your audience how you took that client from zero to hero! Don’t be afraid to show off – it’s what we expect from a case study. You can make this into a really engaging blog that people enjoy reading, while showing off your skills at the same time. Have fun with it, share your success and don’t forget to include a nice quote from the client on your blog.


A learning curve

Be prepared to get a little vulnerable with this topic.

Tell your audience about a failure that taught you your biggest lesson – or a time you hit rock bottom; what pushed you to carry on? This vulnerability and authenticity shows that there is a real person behind your brand. Most businesses are more than happy to talk about their success – it takes real courage to talk about a time you failed and that level of honesty will develop trust between you and your audience. It can be a little scary, but your willingness to talk openly will encourage others to do the same – you’ll find a blog like this is also likely to get a lot of engagement.


Knowledge sharing

When you’ve worked in a particular industry for so long, you start to assume that everyone knows what you do.

You might be surprised to realise that you possess knowledge that many don’t. What’s obvious and simple to you isn’t to others and you have knowledge to offer your audience. Use the knowledge you already have and simply put it on paper. To start you off with something more structured, why not write a myth busting blog?


A problem in the industry – and how to solve it

Every industry has its issues. Why not write a blog addressing it and how you would solve the problem?

It’s a great opportunity to start interesting conversations with your peers and it shows your innovative thinking. Don’t be derailed off the topic – keep it light, positive and address the problem quickly. The bulk of your blogs on your website should be focused on how you’d deal with the issue. As that’s where you can showcase your skills.

Writing blogs for your website is so much easier when the topic matters to you and is something you can write about easily. All five of these subjects simply require your personal experience to become great blogs that are entirely unique to you and your business.


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