5 signs your branding needs a refresh

Published: May 2017

Branding basics

How do you know it’s time to revamp your brand? We’ve put together some reasons why it might be a good idea to take a look at your branding and make some necessary changes.

1. Your brand started out as a DIY project

When you’re setting up a new business, you’ll look to keep costs down. So you might ask your friends and family to help – with everything from packaging to your logo. Those favours were crucial to getting your business off the ground, but now a few years have passed and you’re starting to see that your branding just isn’t as strong as it could be. It’s time to ditch the designs your cousin put together and call in the professionals.

2. Your business has evolved

Are you offering any new products or services that you weren’t before? Does your brand represent who you were – not where you are now and where you want to be? A business can grow out of its brand – if you are far bigger now than you were back then, you need a new look to show your clients that.

3. Your brand looks outdated

You can’t pinpoint the exact reason why, but you know your branding is just…old. It doesn’t look as modern and fresh as your competitors. You don’t know if it’s the font, or the colours, or a mixture of things but whatever it is, you can clearly see that your branding has had its day.

4. Your branding lacks consistency

You didn’t give a lot of thought to your branding when you first set up your business. You might have had a logo, but you certainly didn’t put together a style guide – you didn’t have time! We completely understand that. However, now you’re starting to see that sometimes even you can’t tell that you’re looking at your brand. Your packaging doesn’t look anything like your website, and your flyers don’t look like either! We can build a brand for you that is recognisable in all its forms.

5. It doesn’t stand out

It’s great to have a brand that fits in smartly with your competitors, but you do need some elements of it to stand out. Are you often mistaken for a company with similar branding to yours, or does your branding just say nothing about you? We’ve got years of experience of injecting personality into brands.

Is it time for your brand refresh?

Is it time for your brand refresh? Here at Urban River, we specialise in bespoke branding solutions for you and your business. We want to ensure your brand is as strong as your business. Let’s get started

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