7 top tips for starting a successful company blog

Published: November 2015

So you want to start a company blog? Firstly, well done you! You’ve made a great decision. Companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. Deciding to engage with your audience and create a lasting relationship is the best way to develop lifetime value. Not just for you, but for your customers.

“Companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t”

Here at Urban River, we’ve come up with out 7 top tips for launching a successful blog, guaranteed to keep you on the path of killer content and right at the forefront of your industry.

1. Go all in…..

Firstly, you need to commit. Having decided on launching your new company blog you need to have a clear plan of action. How you’re going to market it? What you’re going to write about? Who is going to write? Nothing looks sadder than a company blog with the last post being 2013. Decide early on your strategy and stick with it.

2. Who is going to read it?

There is always an audience for your product; you just need to find them. Where do you customers hang out? Do you have any industry publications or online forums? Do they use social media? LinkedIn Groups can be a great area to engage with your target audience for example. Don’t be deterred if you find you’re the first of your competitors to launch a blog, it’s the ideal opportunity to set yourself apart as the experts in what you do.

3. What am I going to write about?

Let’s get something out in the open shall we? The only person who cares how wonderful you are is you. Your prospects don’t want to be sold to; they want to gain value from your writings. So don’t write for yourself, write for your customers.

“Mine your Google Analytics search terms for question based searches that begin how, why, can”

Look at the articles you’ve shared yourself recently via Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere. Why couldn’t you have written that? Take a look through your Google Analytics search terms for question based searches that begin “why, can, how” Start bu answering those. Undertake some customer research, be it via phone, email or feedback services like CustomerSure. What keeps your clients awake at night?

4. Build a strong persona

Blogs are a great way to get customers to know the real people behind your business. Build a brand around yourself and your expertise. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and voice it. You’ve got the experience and skill set, let that flow in your content naturally and your audience will appreciate it all the more. Become the figurehead for your industry, command your marketplace. People buy from people and it’s your expertise they buying.

5. Create or curate? That is the question

There is absolutely nothing wrong with re-sharing another article that you’ve found useful. Add your own thoughts and comment though. If you’ve built a strong persona, your customers will appreciate it all the more. If you’re looking for stimulation, look at content aggregator tools like Feedly or Listly these will allow you to find articles on the things that you and your customers find interesting.

6. Call to actions

Don’t lose track of why you started writing your company blog in the first place. If you’ve written a post on “10 ways to ensure good staff morale” for example, you might mention your upcoming seminar on effective management, or white paper download on curing HR headaches. Make sure you set up conversion tracking in your Analytics too.

7. Platform

None of the above is going to give you the best chance of success unless your website is up to the task. Can they read it on tablet and mobile? Will they be able to find me on Google? Urban River’s web design team will make sure you’re in the right place to succeed and get real results from your blogging exploits.

For an informal chat on how we can help build your marketing campaign on the way to blogging super stardom, give us a call on 0191 456 6199 or complete our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

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