Benefits of a professional school website

Published: November 2015

It is important for schools to have a professional and useful website.  A school’s website can be used for keeping school staff, parents and pupils up to date with what is happening within the school community.  Your school’s website should be easy for all users to navigate through.

Your school’s website needs to be welcoming to anyone using it.  A professional site will incorporate the school’s branding, include up-to-date news, have information on events that happen during the year, include information on school curriculum and courses, and have contact details for the school and staff members.

There are many features that you may expect to find on a school website.  We have listed some useful functionality below:

  • An interactive forum for school staff, parents and pupils to exchange information such as news and events
  • Access to useful forms, such as policies, procedures and permissions, for school staff, parents and pupils to download. This will result in less congestion in the school office as parents are able to access the documents they need from their own home.
  • Ability for parents to see children’s grades, what classes they are taking and if there have been any absences or lateness
  • Useful links allowing visitors to access other resources on the web. Well selected links can extend the learning experience into the home
  • Information on homework and assignments
  • Information on key staff members including a biography, phone number and email.

Using a content management system (CMS) allows you to easily keep your website up-to-date without needing to have any technical knowledge.  Website administrators can easily make changes when they need to, since schools always need to update their announcements, events calendars, and other vital information.  A CMS can give the ability for teachers to update grades, input information on assignments, and make adjustments as needed.

A well designed and professional website enables parents and pupils to get a glimpse of school life before they arrive, such as what extracurricular activities are available and what uniforms will look like.  It will introduce people who don’t know much about the school to its current events and general culture.

We have received great feedback from the school websites we have produced.  Check out the website we developed for Whitburn Church of England Academy, as well as our website for Epinay Business & Enterprise School.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do to assist you with your school website, please get in touch.

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