How to use Social Media to increase web traffic

Published: September 2016

For many years Social Media was thought of as the place for the younger generation. For them to spend time chatting and taking photos of every thing to share with their friends. Now the amount of people part of a Social Network has dramatically increased. Everyone and their dog seems to have a profile online. Facebook for example had approximately 1,590 million active users as of April 2016. Where there are a large quantity of people there is chance to get them on your site. Many people are doing this completely for free and seeing results, so how do you go about it?

Keeping to the unwritten laws of social media interaction
First things first, most people on Social Networks expect a certain etiquette. Keeping to these unwritten guidelines will help in keeping your following engaged and on their good side. One rule is spamming, no one likes having to see the same thing over and over again. This isn’t to say that you cannot share your website link more than once, just share it once every so often. As you spend more time with your audience and learning your following will grow over time. This allows you to get more impressions (an impression is a unit used for how many people have seen a status or tweet).

Always online, always browsing
People are always on the internet. Even when not looking at their devices there is a high chance they will have a smartphone in their pocket ready to pounce with notifications. A high majority of the time people will browse their Social Media feeds even when they have a spare five minutes. Most of us are guilty of getting out our phone at a restaurant when our friends or family have left the table.

For this reason Social Networking can be great for exposure. The more people who see your profile or update the more chance they have of visiting one of your links. With the internet being so accessible at any time this can be a great place to promote your website.

Know what to share
Just sharing links is not going to be enough to entice people to take notice of your Social Media account and thus in turn make visiting you site much less likely. Attaching pictures or animated GIFs to updates with article links can make clicking through more appealing, in fact Facebook posts with images can increase peoples engagement with that post by 2.3 times.

A mixture of interacting with people and also posting meaningful updates can keep people engaging with you. Once people know you make the effort to write to people and interact you will start to see more involvement. The more people who have an interest in you the better chance of someone clicking your website link.

Keep monitoring your results
Knowing what works and what gets you influences is half the battle. There are no 100% answers for everyone on how to tackle getting web traffic through Social Media. Learning the best way to interact with your followers/audience is the key to getting hits. Using data from the likes of Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics you will be able to see what approach works best. Do you get more impressions using a particular hashtag? Do people interact more with you when you talk about a particular subject? Answers to these differ from person to person or business to business. Finding out what works for you will help you get that web traffic.

Example Facebook Insights

Make sure you attract the right web traffic
Not all web traffic is good traffic. As much as we all like to see that magic number increase the kind of traffic that is most valued is people that have an actual interest in what you offer, be it selling products or information you provide. Following and interacting with people most of whom are unlikely to be interested in what you offer may bring you traffic but not beneficial traffic.

Following these guidelines and techniques can really help with increasing web traffic via Social Media. Although it can take up some time to first build up a following and some effort understanding how you can get Social Networks to work for you. Keeping with it and finding what works for you can over time greatly help with turning up your site visits.

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