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Published: December 2013

Stand out with a Creative Exhibition Display

Sick of the using the same old boring exhibition stands at events? Want a creative exhibition display and need some inspiration for how to stand out for your next marketing campaign?

If you answered yes to these questions you may find this item useful.

Urban River was recently presented with an opportunity to exhibit at the North East Expo. As it had been a while since we had exhibited at an event we decided our exhibition display materials needed a refresh. Here’s an overview of how we approached things…

Initially we got together as a team to chat about what we wanted to achieve from the event and how our exhibition display could assist in reaching those goals.

The main aims for us exhibiting at the North East Expo were to:

  • Raise awareness of Urban River as a high quality supplier
  • Generate interest
  • Engage with potential contacts

Based on our objectives we decided that the exhibition space needed to fully portray our brand values and what Urban River is all about. It needed to provoke curiosity and hold attention.

We’ve coined the term ‘Vintage Modern’ for Urban River’s style and this homely and welcoming design is reflected across our branding, website and printed materials so it was important that the exhibition stand represented these characteristics too.

It was also equally important that exhibition attendees could clearly identify what our service offering was by just looking at the stand and before engaging in a conversation with us.

To emphasise our comfortable and down to earth approach and style we used homely materials such as a fake fur rug, checked blanket and throw. We also had a vintage drinks globe cabinet which was filled with Urban River branded bottles of water.

Mr Potato Heads used to highlight Urban River’s three main service areas.

Mr Potato Heads used to highlight Urban River’s three main service areas.

Mr Potato Head toys were used as a fun and playful way to show our three core service areas; Identity, Print and Web. With over 200 companies showcasing it was important that we left potential contacts with something memorable. To reinforce the Mr Potato Head theme we also used it throughout the new Urban River printed booklet which was handed out on the day.

Mr Potato Head imagery used throughout the new booklet

Mr Potato Head imagery used throughout the new booklet

The Potato Heads are instantly recognisable meaning that anyone reviewing the literature after the event could immediately associate it with the Urban River stand.

On the day we managed to fulfill the objectives we set out to achieve. The globe drinks cabinet drew people in (Alan Carr chatty man was mentioned a few times!) and provided us with an opportunity to chat to them informally over a drink. The Mr Potato Heads also provided a great conversation starter presenting us with another chance to engage with potential contacts. We got some really great feedback about the stand and people were even tweeting about it!

Positive tweets about our exhibition display.

Positive tweets about our exhibition display.

We managed to successfully promote Urban River as a high quality supplier with a professional but friendly and helpful approach.

If you feel like your exhibition display could do with a shake up and would like some inspiration please get in touch on 0191 456 6199 or We’re always happy to meet up and discuss potential ideas.

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