Does User Experience (UX) really matter?

Published: August 2017

We’ve all heard that User Experience is crucial to ensure customers have a positive experience on a website. But how true is this – and is it really worth investing time and money into?

User Experience increases conversions

You can increase sales by 225% by providing sufficient product information at the right time, so understanding how people interact with a website, and what information they need and when, should be very important to you. If User Experience can improve sales, you should definitely be interested in it.

It ensures customers return

94% of a website user’s first impressions are design related, which is why User Experience is more important than ever. Providing your customer with a seamless experience on your website can seal the deal. You don’t want customers to buy once, never to return again, do you? Make your website a comfortable place to be and they will feel welcome to come back.

Reduces time spent reworking your website

If you don’t tackle User Experience now, you are guaranteed to be dealing with it later. Whether it is through complaints, a high bounce rate or through your own employees struggling to navigate your website, you will find yourself making changes later on to improve user experience. It’s not something you want to have to make time for, especially since you already spent so much time getting the website up and running to start with! If you deal with User Experience straight away, your website launch won’t be marked with complaints and issues from customers – but instead will be celebrated with (hopefully) an increase in sales!

Reduces time spent on enquiries

Getting the same questions in your inbox, time and time again? That’s why User Experience matters. Discovering what your customers need and want can help you build a website that provides everything they’re looking for, and answers all their questions. This can free up time for you and your employees – as well as making your website as useful as possible.


Google is paying attention to your website’s User Experience. Landing page experience has been a key factor in ranking ads in AdWords for a long time now. If Google think users will find your website difficult to navigate, you could lose out. Not only that, but if you want your website to be shared organically around the web (improving SEO) then you need to create an User Experience visitors want other people to enjoy.

Need some help?

User Experience isn’t just a buzzword, but something you should definitely be thinking about when creating your own website. Fortunately, this is where we come in. Urban River, web design Newcastle agency, have been creating great websites for 15 years. Come and visit us.

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