How to get more sales and enquiries for your website

Published: December 2019

Want more sales and enquiries for your website?

Your website should work like another member of the team – bringing in sales, enquiries and other forms of interest that are useful to you and your business. If you feel that your website quite simply isn’t pulling its weight, take a look at our tips for getting more out of your online audience.


Take an in-depth look at your customer’s online journey

You may well have visited your own website many time before, but the way you use your website will be very different to the way your customer uses your website. Get into the mind of a customer and go through the process to buy a product or make an enquiry. If at any point you find yourself getting frustrated or confused, make a note of it and be sure to check it out. Chances are, you’ve probably never made an enquiry through your own website, so you may not even be sure that the enquiry form works! Ask your friends and family to test the website in the same way – they won’t be as familiar with your website as you are, so they’ll find it much easier to get lost and if they do, that’s valuable feedback you can use to improve.


Is your website mobile responsive?

Even now, we are still seeing websites that are not suitable for mobile. Why? It’s often a component that is forgotten about in the website design process. If you’ve never looked at your website on a mobile, you probably aren’t aware that your website isn’t mobile responsive. Why not check now? If you’re struggling to find your way around on mobile, your website needs an upgrade – we can help you with that.


Get honest feedback on your website’s design

So, you may think that your website looks great. However, could it be possible that you are slightly biased – especially if you came up with some of the design elements yourself? Ask a few peers you trust for some brutally honest feedback. You may love your brand colours, but others may find them garish. Maybe you think your font choice is fantastic, but is it easy to read? If the feedback is a little more harsh than you expected, it might be time to rethink your website’s look.


Is your copy up to scratch?

Copy often gets left on the backburner during the hectic web design process. Is the copy on your website something you cobbled together at the last minute? No judgement from us, but now that your website has been running for some time, it could be worth looking at it again. If your website isn’t catching attention, badly written copy could be the culprit. Having well written, keyword rich content will help with your SEO and help to get you to climb the rankings in Google.


Page loading times

In our busy world, online speed is everything! A slow website is one of the main reasons a customer will give up on your site and walk away. Luckily, there are many free website speed checkers available. For every second beyond 2 seconds it takes for a site to load. Your bounce rate increases dramatically and 47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. If your website’s speed isn’t up to scratch – have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can do.



What barriers are between your customer and that order or enquiry? It’s time to look at the UX element of your website design. Does a customer have to click through page after page to buy a product? Do they have to fill in a long, convoluted form just to send an enquiry? Do you offer a variety of payment options or do I have to find my credit card to place an order? We are very impatient online and don’t like to have to try too hard to get what we want. If a competitor offers a quicker or faster way to get there – we’ll go to them! Look at all the different barriers – big and small – and think about how you could remove them.


Need help to get more sales and enquiries for your website?

We hope our tips help you to get enquiries for your website coming in thick and fast! If your website design needs an overhaul, have a chat with us. Urban River have been building website’s for 15 years and we know exactly what your website needs.

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