GUEST BLOG: What customer care means to me – Chris Dodds, Thorne & Derrick

Published: October 2015

chris-dodds-thorne-derrickAs a service business, good customer care is essential and we wanted to put a few words together about what it means to us, and, more importantly, what it means to our clients.

Earlier in the month we spent some quality time with one of our valued clients, global industrial equipment distributors, Thorne & Derrick, to ask them what exceptional customer care means to them.

Thorne & Derrick’s Sales & Marketing Manager Chris Dodds, explains exactly what great customer care looks like to him and how it can be achieved by building lasting relationships with your clients and customers.

What great customer care looks like to me

3 little letters but big on meaning. Saying “YES” is a great example of caring for your customers. Whenever we have challenged Urban River with new SEO or digital marketing workloads, their auto-answer is same every time – ‘yes’. More than that, it’s “yes and here are your options.” All of these options are then fully explained to us in layman not developer’s terms.

Customer care is also having the ability to pick up the phone and talk directly to the Managing Director, developers and designers – whether front or back end advice is needed, access is instant without the segregated mentality between the customer and supplier that pervades most “arms-length” agencies. Their door is always open and ready for business.


Examples of great customer care

Great customer care for us is our partnership creating something unique but remaining solid on customer service. For example, the development of our latest mobile responsive digital newsletter – imagine ….optimisable for search, video embeddable, images taggable, unique masthead – both user friendly for customer and key word friendly for Google.

So many email campaigns just add to the pile of inbox junk – we believe Urban River have created something special for us.

Collective Ideas with our Newcastle Web Design Agency

Group meetings with the creatives, developers, designers and “bright-sparks” at UR always generates profitable outcomes – SEO marketing can be misconceived as a nebulous luxury where actual monetisation of expenditure is conveniently impossible to measure.

We like to listen and learn from Urban River about basic SEO and Google Analytics – the causation between targeted keywords as part of an intelligent SEO campaign and sales conversions is there to see for all. Kapow Ker-Ching!

How Urban River has cared for us


If Urban River feels a project is de-railing they will get you back on track and are not afraid to intervene at any stage and flag concerns which may be diverting the original goal from successful conclusion.

Our suite of Thorne & Derrick infographics coming through the pipeline at the moment is a dazzling advert for the skill, design and imagination that can be injected into the usually dull world of industrial equipment distribution, and we’re extremely grateful to Urban River for that.

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