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Published: October 2017

As we look back on our 15th year of business, it’s been busy times for Web Design Newcastle agency Urban River. We’ve had 12 successful new website launches this year so far, so we thought we’d share the news..

Info Now

Website Launch – Information Now

In the early summer we launched the prestigious website information now. An information and advice website for older people living in Newcastle upon Tyne. Packed full of thousands of informative articles and organisations. Info Now required a robust website and a highly organised back end system. The website incorporates events and activities into a calendar functionality to allow people to participate in interests within their community. Due to the website being aimed at the older generation there were accessibility standards, we needed to adhere to and work across all platforms and devices. The site receives in excess of 150,000+ visitors and therefore an intelligent search facility was vital for success.

Stepney Bank Stables

Website Launch – Stepney Bank Stables

Moving into late summer, we launched the new Stepney Bank Stables website. The unique equestrian centre is situated in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Stepney’s vision is to ‘enhance lives through horses’. We created a bespoke booking system on the website that allows visitors to see the availability of lessons in a calendar format. The user can then book and purchase online through existing credit on their account or by card payment. The user has their own dashboard, which allows them flexibility to edit their profile, top up and upgrade their account. The backend of the system can be fully accessed through Stepney themselves. This allows Stepney to have the ability to give a free lesson to a particular rider. Most noteworthy the website allows Stepney to run in depth reports on significant information providing crucial statistics.

Website Launches – School Websites

The education sector has been an area we have continued to specialise in this year. Many of our website launches so far this year have been school websites. Our understanding of what is required in an offline presence as well as the individual schools vision and values helps us to create a successful school website.

Marketing Support

As well as our significant website launches we have continued to provide marketing and branding support to current and new customers throughout the year. In addition, our comprehensive SEO strategies have proven valuable to our clients this year, resulting in an increase in leads and profits.

Urban River have been handling our marketing, design and websites including ecommerce site for over 4 years. In that time we have found their work to be excellent quality. With their help, we have managed to hold a dominant position in our market place on the web. As a result, our business has gone from strength to strength – Peter Campbell, SnowShock MD.

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