How to make your brand memorable

Published: November 2010

How to make your brand memorable

Your company’s brand and image is one of the most important yet often overlooked areas. A truly great brand identity can increase sales, confidence and create a lasting relationship with your clients. Brands do not appear overnight and take a long time to grow into a household name.

A brand is not just the colours, logo and strap line you decide to use. A brand is also the feeling you want to project when people think of your company. Your brand is your promise to your clients. When customers think of your brand you need to project a feeling and thought in the mind of your customers of confidence and quality.

How Audi made their brand memorable

Audi logo

Audi projects a brand feeling of reliability and quality with the most reliable cars on the planet. So everything that goes along with this brand needs to ooze quality. The Website needs to be sleek and work perfectly, the print material needs to be of the highest quality. Everything that goes along with the brand needs to reflect your vision for your company.

Key points to remember:

  1. Your brand is your promise to your clients.
  2. Project a feeling to your customers.
  3. Think of who your target audience is and target your brand at them.
  4. Don’t try to please everyone or you will fail.
  5. Keep a focus on what makes your brand unique and make sure people know what it is.
  6. Repeat, repeat and repeat your unique points, strap line and selling points.
  7. Keep all print material, web and digital media in line with your colours and style guide

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