Our Top 5 Apps for Your Summer Holiday

Published: July 2015

The Summer season is well and truly here for most of us, and whether you’re off on a caravan holiday to Whitley Bay or jet setting off to Coco Bay, the Urban River team have come up with a list of their top 5 favourite travel apps/sites, which are designed to make that trip just a little more relaxing. So grab yourself an (optional) Pina Colada, get in the holiday spirit and get downloading!

Citymapper app

Citymapper – This is a great one for those who like to get organised before their holiday! Planning your next getaway could not be simpler than with the free Citymapper app. Whether you choose to plan before you go or as you get there, Citymapper gives you the chance to check all transport routes for the quickest, cheapest and safest journeys, working with companies such as Uber and Hailo to do all the legwork for you. Speaking of legwork, it can also calculate your steps using a pedometer and is fully adaptable with your Apple watch too. Impressed? It’ll leave you thinking how you ever left the house without it. URBAN RIVER TECH RATING: 9/10


Onavo Extend – We’ve all done it – arrived at our destination, jumped off the plane and forgot to turn off our data roaming charges, sending us into total panic mode about three figure phone bills! Onavo Extend helps you save mobile data so you can do more of what you love on your phone without spending more on your bill. Once the app is installed on your phone, it works in the background when you use mobile data to find ways to save. This one’s also a handy one to keep running in the background when you return home too! URBAN RIVER TECH RATING: 7/10


Word Lens – now this is a one for the self confessed cyber geeks of the app world. This comes at a price of £6.99 but allows you to take a photo of anything around you and using the camera on your device, and then the app automatically translates the language it can see on the picture. This is a great one for impressing/freaking out the locals. Boeuf bourguignon s’il vous plait? URBAN RIVER TECH RATING: 8/10

TripFiction logo

Tripfiction – Ever wandered aimlessly around the newsagents at the airport looking for a decent book to read on your sunlounger? We feel your pain. Enter Tripfiction –it’s not in app form but we couldn’t leave it out of the list! It’s an online book directory with a difference: this is location based fiction enabling users to search for a title based upon where the story takes place. It searches over 1,200 locations worldwide so you’re bound to find a book centred on where you’re going! A quirky alternative to getting under the skin of a destination. We also designed their website. Why not take a look to find out how we did it? URBAN RIVER TECH RATING: 7/10


Currency Converter Plus – This is a self explanatory ‘does what is says on the tin app’ but there’s no more important tin than your piggy bank! Download this app before you arrive at your destination to work out exactly how much money you’d like to budget yourself with when you arrive. You’re more likely to be more ‘money savvy’ with this app (and it also works offline with no internet, hurray)! URBAN RIVER TECH RATING: 6/10

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Happy holidays from all of the team at Urban River!

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