SEO hints and tips for a law firm

Published: April 2018

SEO Law Firm – get to the top of the rankings

Over 90% of people who need the services of a Law Firm will use a search engine. Every self-respecting Law Firm will already have a website but how do you make yours the one at the top of the rankings?

SEO Law firm

Below are our top SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) hints and tips for law firms.



Keywords can be broadly split into three categories, Information, Discovery and Money.

Information – Looking for general information such as employment rights or length of prison sentence for a particular offence.

Discovery – Looking for information about your services such as cost and reviews.

Money – Looking to actively engage the services of a law firm.

Your priority is to rank for your ‘money’ keywords however you still want to gain traffic from the others.

Do your research. Using Google’s Keyword Planner search for keywords in each of the three categories and select ones that are often searched for by prospective clients. Ideally you also want ones which have low competition (few results showing for search).

SEO Law firm


How you use those keywords will determine how successful your SEO will be.

Use ‘money’ keywords in services pages and each page should be themed at one main key word.

Include the keyword in things such as the content, URL, title, H1 tag, image title and alt.

Create a blog relevant to your practice. 500 words including five or six high volume keyword variations showing why you are an expert in your field. Use the ‘information’ keywords to drive traffic to your blog.

Write it in a language that will appeal to your target clients and use graphics that will help them to visualise what you are saying. Use the keywords naturally, Google will know if you are forcing them in to improve your rankings.

Concentrate on practical advice such as ‘How to get a divorce’ or ‘What are my rights when being made redundant?’

Localise and specialise

When doing your keyword research, search for terms relevant to both your location and your specialisation. Don’t just use ‘Law Firm’ highlight whether you specialise in family, employment or criminal law. Make a location specific page with location-based terms on it.

Create a ‘Google My Business’ listing so your office will be visible on Google Maps. This adds another layer of validation to your business.

SEO Law firm

Mobile friendly

As most of your prospective clients will be searching for your services via a mobile, it is imperative that your site is mobile friendly.

Google looks for sites that provide an enjoyable user experience and a mobile friendly website will push you up the rankings.


Links are huge ranking factor. Links to your site from external sources indicate authority and trust.

Use social media to link to blog content. People will do searches from their favourite social media platforms so ensure that you have a regularly updated account on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Have internal links in your blogs to your services pages.

Write great content that people want to link to and contact industry websites to see if they are interested.

Question and answer sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers are great for gaining links back to your site. Provide answers to the questions and then offer relevant links. Q&A websites also assist in seeing what questions potential clients ask so you can adapt your keywords.

SEO Law firm

Google Analytics

How do you know how well your SEO is doing? Google Analytics has a host of tools to drill down into where your traffic is coming from and how much of it leads to contacts and business.

All sounds good right? But do you have the time to implement the SEO Law firm hints and tips? If you need that extra bit of help contact Newcastle based web design and marketing agency Urban River on 0191 456 6199 to find out how you can improve your SEO rankings today.

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