The impact of print media in the digital age

Published: March 2018

Print media – is it still relevant ?

When you can reach large swathes of your customers in seconds with a single Facebook post, when a photo taken on your smartphone can be viewed by thousands on Instagram, when an amusing Tweet can go viral overnight, you may wonder how print media can still have an impact.

Traditional Strengths

Touch is one of the most underrated senses. However the feeling of quality paper under the fingers projects the impression of excellence. Good quality materials and well thought out design not only makes your brand stand out as one of worth. But it is also something real that conveys permanence and credibility.

There’s the appearance of trustworthiness, in a time when we are told to question everything we read in the virtual world due to fake news, being a brand that can be trusted is crucial.

Online noise

In a world where anybody with access to a smartphone can reach your customers with ease. Print media can make you stand out against the online noise. It shows that you have taken the time and effort to think about what you are presenting to your clients. It is the human connection that can quite often be missing in the virtual world.

When everybody is moving towards digital, far from being seen as old fashioned, print media can be a fresh and welcome change. It can be surprising, personal and a statement that a brand values itself and its customers.

Targeted audiences

Print design appeals to certain demographics more than others, the luxury goods market for instance; they want something tangible. Consumers of luxury goods and premium services not only enjoy a quality print product, they expect it. It calls for the communication to be retained and contemplated rather than a snap decision being made.

Age also comes into play; the older the audience, the greater the need for a print component, and vice versa. That’s not to say that print media can’t appeal to the younger generation. When the majority is making the move to digital, you can guarantee that the youth will be moving on to something else. Innovative design and exciting ways of presenting and deploying print design will appeal to young as well as old.

Environmentally responsible

Digital media is rightly seen as having less of an impact on the environment than traditional print design however print has evolved to a much smarter and leaner profile with digital printing and sustainable paper making. Print can still be a relevant option when thinking about economics, effectiveness and ethics.

Well-crafted design and production couples with strategic deployment can mean that print design is not only relevant in the digital age, but it could give you the edge you need.

To know more about how print design can help your organisation stand out, contact our marketing team at Newcastle based design agency, Urban River.

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