The Urban River Marketing Jargon Buster

Published: January 2016

Behold the Urban River A-Z Marketing Jargon Buster! We always promise to cut through the jargon and give you the facts, but unfortunately the marketing sector is rife with buzzwords and industry speak that only serves to bamboozle its customers and its audience. Particular favourites of ours are the sinful ‘Phablet’, basically a big smart phone that isn’t quite a tablet and the cringeworthy ‘mocial’, which as you can probably guess is mobile social.

From ‘Attribution’ to ‘WordPress’, we’ve covered the whole marketing spectrum with an easy to digest glossary of regularly used marketing terms with links to examples and further insights on the Urban River blog. So whether you don’t know your ‘SEO’ from your ‘paid search’ or you’ve always wanted to know exactly what ‘multi channel content marketing’ is, we’re here to help.

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