Top Ten Benefits of Print Design

Published: September 2013

According to a recent Nielson research survey, 90% of customers want to receive print design marketing collateral related to promotions and sales. Print design agency Newcastle based Urban River has a look into the Top Ten Benefits of Print Design.

1. Tangibility Counts

Print design leaves you with a physical thing, something you can touch and explore, often this leaves no option but to read it, unlike the counterpart, an email, which can be deleted straight from the mailbox before it is even opened, sending it into cyber space instantaneously. When you create an attractive print item, it results in it being kept for days, months or even years – this leaves plenty of opportunity to engage in the images or text.

2. Credibility is the Key

With print design items, customers have no need to worry about imminent danger of clicking on the marketing email for fear of spam or viruses, which can tarnish your company’s reputation in an instant. Instead customers receive a legitimate and credible designed item, which entices them to your company in a non-aggressive spam-like way.

3. Brand Identity Creates Memory

In order to create and maintain a brand, a strong brand identity must be established and recognised. Using the same font, colour scheme and types of images creates a constant visual which solidifies the brand identity. All of which comes as second nature in print design.

4. Targeting your Audience

Print design allows you to cater to a niche audience which opens up multitudinous opportunities of business, without wasting paper or ink. Though simultaneously, it allows access to an extensive market of those either lagging behind in the technological advances or those unable to access the internet, therefore although during this internet boom internet advertising will increase, there must be a limit and modernised traditional marketing techniques such as print design must continue to reach the masses.

5. Engaging with your Audience

On average consumers engaging in website information will skim for 15 seconds, yet those reading printed information such as brochures or leaflets will spend 30% more time studying the information. Not only this, but seasonal brochures and offer codes remind the customer of your existence, which in-turn, encourages them back to your business. Now that’s what we call a good relationship which results in customer loyalty.

6. Crowd Control

In this day and age many businesses are relying solely on the internet for marketing; this leaves a marketing advantage to those who are brave enough to do the opposite, and take the plunge of a shiny new print-designed advertising campaign. Those who are only using internet have left more space for your business to sparkle, make sure you use it.

7. Endless Opportunity

Everyday your spam box is probably full of personalised emails which can cause annoyance however when you receive a piece of personalised post you’re more likely to be impressed. It makes the customer feel special and wanted, a crucial part of customer service. Not only is a personalised piece of design the only option, but the limitless chances of quirky and unique design allow it to be easy to stand out, easy to be remembered.

8. Flexibility is Important

From the size of the print item to the type of material, where it goes and how you distribute it, it is yours and you can change and adapt it until it is right and exactly what you want. The possibilities are endless and the only limitation is your imagination (and potentially a health and safety precaution or two).

9. Eco-friendly(ness)

This is a worldwide debate, almost every day the paper industry is criticized unfairly. Paper can be recycled, for example in 2011 78.7% of paper was recycled in the UK, and this figure is increasing year on year. It is also a renewable resource, with over 4 times more trees being planted every day that those that are harvested. But if you are really worried about paper wastage, just make sure you print onto recycled paper or use organic inks, alternatively you could encourage your customers to reuse, recycle or compost the paper.

10. Integration is Key

The key to a successful marketing campaign is an integrated approach that utilisises various channels. A well planned out programme which incorporates a mixture of approaches and deliverables both offline and online will allow you to tap into prospective and existing clients’ consciousness in a variety of creative ways.

If you thinking about utilising print design to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Contact Newcastle Print Design Agency Urban River on 0191 456 6199 or email on for some advice. Looking for further inspiration? Take a look at some recent print design examples Urban River has completed.

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