Do unique Google searches affect my SEO strategy?

Published: May 2017

Why are 15% of Google searches new and does this affect your SEO strategy for your business?

Google have recently announced that 15% of their yearly searches have never been seen before. They’re entirely unique. 15% doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you learn that Google handle 100 billion queries each month. That they process trillions in a year – well that works out at about 75 million brand new searches a day.

And Google is trying to do something about it. John Wiley, lead designer for Google Search, says that the process of trying to reduce the number of new, previously unread or unheard queries needs to be solved, and quickly.

This won’t be without its challenges, as this is a problem that has existed for almost as long as Google has. However, ten years ago this number was closer to 25%, so there have been massive improvements.

How is this happening, and why does it matter to you and your SEO strategy?

One of the reasons this happens is due to changes in language. Ten years ago, nobody was searching Google for a FitBit, or a drone. Trends and news also have a massive effect on new searches. Creating words and phrases we would never have used before, or throwing ordinary people into the spotlight, making them sought after celebrities (and their names into popular – and new – search terms).

These rapid changes shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle, but as an opportunity! Every day, with every trend, you have a new opportunity to capture a new audience. This is why it is vital you keep up with current affairs and all things happening online – if it’s being talked about, it is probably being searched too, so take advantage if it’s relevant to your business and re-evaluate your SEO strategy.

New searches are another reason to keep a close eye on Google Trends. Google Trends can tell you everything you need to know about what is being searched and why. This can give you insight to what is working on Google and what is not.

But what’s the main reason this should matter to you and your SEO strategy? It should be another reminder to keep reviewing your key words and your SEO strategy. It’s easy to do it once and forget about it – but with 75 million new searches a day, you really can’t afford to.

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