Affiliate websites – what you need to know

Published: July 2018

There are many affiliate websites out there, some far better and more successful than others. So, what are affiliate websites and what makes them a success?

Price Comparison Sites

We all know of the big price comparison websites due to multi-million-pound advertising campaigns, Go Compare, Money Supermarket etc. It is still possible to make your own successful price comparison website if you give careful consideration to the subject matter and how it is designed and presented.

Compare Sportswear is a sportswear/equipment comparison website. It allows users to search the UK’s leading sports retailers in one place to save both time and money.

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Compare Sportswear

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Compare Sportwear affliate website


Compare Sportswear

Authority Sites

An Authority Site is exactly what you would think, it is a site where you are an authority on a particular subject. Many Authority Sites do not intentionally set up to be affiliate websites. But more an expert in his or her field wanting to share their expertise. They will gather a following based on information and insight you can’t get elsewhere and robust, knowledgeable product reviews of products in the chosen field.

For instance, if you were a keen trail runner, you could upload routes, reviews of trails and let readers know what you think of your latest pair of running shoes. If you are viewed as knowledgeable, readers will trust your opinion and will feel comfortable clicking on links you provide.

This has to be a subject you have a genuine expertise in, if you try and blag it, your readers will know immediately.


Product review Sites

The days of being able to create a profitable product review site are possibly on the wane. With stricter rules on both Google and Amazon about how they link to affiliate websites. It is still possible if you chose niche products. Chose carefully and ensure that you have bought the products you are reviewing, and that the reviews are genuine.



Affiliate websites used to be a mess with flashy banners and adverts all over the screen. There is no excuse for shoddy design these days.

Design doesn’t just stop at clear and well-presented graphics. A lot of thought has to go into what goes on behind the screen with complex links to many sites and multiple user journeys to be considered. The website does not only need to be designed to be intuitive and easy to use. But must also present the results at the click of a button with no time delay.



It goes without saying that nobody is going to visit your website without good content. But it is surprising how many affiliate websites forget this.

Ensure that whatever you post, whether a blog or product review is engaging and informative, giving the reader an insight that they can’t get elsewhere.

Be unique, be different and be entertaining.

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