School Website Design Examples

Published: October 2017

School Website Design

Websites are a challenge for any school. It’s hard to find the time to consider a school’s web presence. There are so many other pressing issues to focus on. We’ve worked with colleges, schools and nurseries, and understand what makes a great school website, and what options are out there. We’ve picked a variety of fantastic school websites (including some of our own) – that are all completely unique in their own way.




With consistent brand colours throughout and structured web design. Epinay School’s new website has a professional whilst friendly look, and is easy for staff, parents and governors to navigate. With an interactive calendar that is easy to update, and that keeps parents and pupils updated on important upcoming events. It encourages clear communication between all parties, ensuring that parents can access all the information they need quickly.


Epinay Teaching School Partnership

As well as the school website, Epinay is part of a teaching school partnership which is a collaboration of a number of schools to work together. The attractive bright branding helps focus the user to find the right path they want on the website. The various sections provide the support and information to the user quickly and efficiently.


South Shields School

South Shields School

With a clear brand identity, this website gives you a real understanding of who South Shields School are and what they stand for. This responsive website gives key information to parent and carers alike. Such as revision class times, mock exam dates and homework (something a teenager may conveniently forget to tell their parents about!). Regular updates of the latest news, events and timetables. You can see that time has been invested to keep this school website current. Which can only be done with the help of a simple and efficient content management system.


St Wilfred’s R.C. College

St Wilfrids

With a secondary school and a sixth form, this school website could have easily been a confusing one for anyone to use. However, St Wilfred’s manage to attend to both groups effectively, with clear headers and buttons, and plenty of white space and bold text, ensuring your eye leads to where you need to go. There is also an option for both staff or pupil to login to the website – providing them with even more information based on who they are. This website caters to everyone – which must have been quite a challenge.


Prince Bishops Teaching School Alliance

Prince Bishops

A Teaching School Alliance website that is fully responsive, with a clear explanation of who they are and what they do. The purpose of the Teaching School Alliance is to improve outcomes for pupils and students in the region by supporting the recruitment and development of teachers. Large buttons and text helps a viewer find what they need quickly. Training and events are displayed in a clear and concise way for users to book up easily.


Bangor Grammar School

Bangor Grammer School

Bangor Grammar School’s website has a modern feel, without losing its heritage along the way. By using recognisable serif fonts and primary colours, their extensive history and prestige is obvious, but their clean cut web design shows that this is by no means an ‘old fashioned’ school. They have an app, as well as interactive maps.


Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers

A nursery website that has taken the clever step of dropping an infantile design, and instead appeals to parents. Diary dates and school holidays and closures are clear and easy to find on the home page, and admission opportunities is one of the main menu options.

Beaver Road

Beaver Road

Beaver Road have focused on a parent’s most pressing needs in relation to their children’s schooling – uniforms and school dinners! Whilst ethics and values, Ofsted reports and policies are important too, busy parents need an accessible way to buy uniforms and top up school dinners, and this responsive website gives you a way to do that.


Cavendish Community Primary School


With extensive social media options and a clear calendar, this school makes keeping up with their activities easy for any parent. Therefore, they have a PTA microsite, as well as information on childcare and after school clubs on the home page.


Ravensmead Primary School


Ravensmead use their website as a platform to celebrate their pupils, with weekly updates on their successes. Individual congratulations to the pupil who won mathematician of the week or the class who read the most, along with photographs of students performing in the latest assembly, give a warm and personal touch to this school’s website.


Looking to take your school website to the next level online?

Hopefully this list will have inspired you. We hope it’s helped you decide what direction you would like your school’s website to take. As you’ll see, there are so many different aspects of education your website could focus on. Only you know what is best for your parents and children. Here at web design Newcastle, Urban River, we have extensive experience in supporting schools in their web design. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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