Blogs: Should your business have one?

Published: January 2013

There were 181 million blogs (source Nielson) around the world reported at the end of 2011 and as that number constantly increases it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are using blogs as an effective online marketing tool. Urban River takes a look at benefits of a business blog…

Engage with clients

Business blogs are an excellent platform for connecting with existing and potential customers. You can post information that is not already on your website and give a deeper insight into your business. You also have the opportunity to interact and have discussions with anyone who responds to your blog.

Reinforce your brand

Blog about topics which are relevant to your business area of expertise and make sure you incorporate your company ethos and brand values into posts. By doing this it can help to enhance your brand visibility to specific target audiences. They are a great way to add personality, a voice and a face to your business.


Ensure your business appears highly ranked and regularly in the search engines by including keywords and inbound links in your blog. Search engines like new material and as blogs are normally updated more often than your main website it encourages interest in your blog which in turn drives traffic to your website.

Social Media

Blog posts provide great updates for your Social Media sites and by using your Social Media sites to make people aware of your new blog it helps to drive traffic to your website.

Cost Effective

Blogging is cheap! It doesn’t cost much and takes little time to do so it’s definitely a worthwhile way of building brand awareness and promoting your expertise, products and services.

So go on give it a go. It you want some help or advice on setting one up, give us a shout.

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