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Published: August 2013

With companies around the UK and worldwide feeling the pressure to get a mobile website, the digital team at Urban River made an executive decision back in July 2012; for all the websites they build to be responsive design websites so they adapt to tablets, PCs, laptops and Smartphones – all at no extra charge.

Responsive Design” is when a website instinctively responds to the device that internet users are using to view it; adjusting text and images automatically. It saves your company money and your design agency a lot of time as it cuts out the need for making various bespoke websites depending on the device.

With an increasing number of studies confirming International Data Corporation’s 2011 findings, that “The internet will be mostly browsed using mobile devices by 2015”, Urban River decided last year was the right time to take advantage of this opportunity. Now one year on the company has reassurance that it was definitely the correct decision!

Carl Buckley, Managing Director of  Newcastle Digital Agency Urban River said: “Many companies panic when they think about having to create a mobile website. They also think that consumers using their Smartphones to browse the internet are a fad, and go on to sweep this increasingly popular trend under the carpet. It’s hard to ignore the latest facts and figures though, with 70% of users now viewing a website on a mobile, it’s definitely a trend that’s here to stay.

Every website Urban River have designed and built since 2012 has been responsive at no extra cost to our clients. You’re probably wondering how a responsive website will benefit you? A responsive design website will:

  • Save you money – Your website only has to be developed once, there is no need for different versions for different devices
  • Give you competitive edge – Better experience for visitors means they will be more likely to take action on your site over a competitors which isn’t responsive
  • Make your site future-proof – Standing the test of time for longer
  • Make you stress less – Knowing your site is working at optimal level on all devices gives peace of mind when it comes to your online presence
  • Increase conversions – Visitors will take action if they have a good experience

It was a brave move from the Newcastle digital agency but one that has proved worthwhile.

To see an example of our recent responsive work view the Multichem website, Key Wealth Management website and NIFCA website.

You can also learn more about Responsive Design or look at 12 examples of responsively designed websites.

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