Choosing the best web design agency for your business

Published: October 2015

Let’s face it – there are hundreds, possibly thousands of web design agencies to choose from. It makes the decision for companies to select their creative agency partners a lot more difficult and can result in false promises, customer dissatisfaction and unfinished projects.

So, what should you be looking for when choosing a web design agency to work with? We thought we’d give you our useful do’s and don’ts list on what to look for and what to avoid when opting for your new agency partner.

Web Design Agency Do’s

DO: Check out their recent work and research the company – make sure you look at the work that the company has recently completed and their approach to it. Do you like the style of their web design? Do you like their website? Are you supportive of their values? If the answer is no – this isn’t the right agency for you. If the answer is yes, make the call and organise a meeting to see how you can work with them.


DO: Ask if they outsource any of their services – a lot of web design agencies nowadays tend to outsource their work to freelance web designers and web developers. This doesn’t tend to provide a seamless approach, which means it can be frustrating for the customer. Urban River is a full service design agency, meaning we never outsource any of our work. All of our projects are completed in house by our talented digital and design team and you are given a point of contact for all projects.


DO: Meet the web design and management team – before you’ve agreed to any web design work, ask to meet the team and the company that you will be working with. This gives you another chance to look at how their business operates, where they are based and whether you feel a natural rapport with that agency. It also gives the agency a chance to fully discuss how they can add value to your business. We’re always in the mood for a cuppa and a chat, so if you find yourself in the area, why not pop in and see how we can help with your web design projects? Or feel free to give us a call and we can always come to you!

Web Design Agency Don’ts

DON’T: Put up with bad service – if you’re working with an agency and you feel let down by the service they are offering you, NEVER put up with this. There will always be someone out there who values you as a customer and appreciates what you’re doing for them and vice versa. We pride ourselves on our ‘professionally informal’ approach to web design. We are a friendly and approachable team and we work tirelessly to put our clients first. We know how to design and build great website designs and marketing materials for your business.

DON’T: Forget your goals – Always remember what you’re wanting from your web design project and never lose sight of your original goals. If the design agency are making suggestions which don’t line up with your aims, they may not have listened to your brief or fully understood your business. We promise to always enhance your business objectives and deliver proven results with every project we undertake.


DON’T: Hire the cheapest agency – Free website hosting, free website design and free web development – all sounds a bit fishy, right? If you’re looking for high quality website design, you need to be willing to pay a realistic price for this valuable investment to your business. However, if you do choose to work with us as your web design agency, you are eligible for a free business grant of up to £2,800. Read more about the business funding scheme here.

If you’re ready to make real positive changes to your business and online marketing objectives, then so are we. Drop us a line and give us a call on 0191 456 6199 to find out more about how Urban River can help your business reach new markets today. We’ll pop the kettle on!

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